The key suggestion to choose Kayak Deck Bags

by Irene Liu on April 01, 2022
Summer is coming, have you started planning your kayak trip? Are you planning to travel with family or with friends? The first kayaking trip in summer 2022, how many days do you plan to take? Is it 1 day, 3 days, or a week? Anyway, I believe you must have some packages to prepare. Despite you have a lot to bring,  you are told to travel light and not to pack too much when you searched online. It makes sense, after all, simplifying supplies can make the journey easier and less burdened. Then after you decide what to bring, you will consider what kayak deck bag to choose again, the questions seem don't have the end..
Kayak deck bags 1
Don't worry. This article will introduce you for how to  choose the kayak deck bag. There are different types of kayak deck bags listed below, you can choose the right one according to your needs.
- The key design points of the kayak deck bags
- The kayak deck bags brand introduction
- How to choose kayak deck bags

The key design points of the kayak deck bags

A good quality kayak deck bag need to guarantee  waterproof as priority. Waterproof has 2 meanings: one is the bag falls into the water by accident, which can ensure that your items will not be soaked in water in a short time; the other is when you put the bag on the deck and play water intensely when  paddling, the water splashed on the bag will not penetrate into the bag through the surface material.
There are two main aspects that affect the waterproof performance of the kayak deck bags. The first is the fabric. At present, the waterproof material on the market are mainly made of nylon or vinyl. Both materials have good waterproof performance. The main difference is that the material of nylon is more anti-scratch, suitable for kayaking trips with long travel time, and people with a lot of items; and vinyl material is relatively lighter, which can meet the needs of the most short kayaking trips. 
The another one is the sealing method. Most of them are using top rolling way, and some brands use zippers. However,  the zipper is unstable, if it wants to achieve perfect waterproofing performance, it would need to use a high-quality zipper, which will directly increase the price of the kayak deck bags. The top rolling method is the most classic, and the most economical, and has also been proven to be effective in a large number of usage practices.
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Another design point of the kayak deck bags is convenience. The convenience design involves a wide range of aspects, which is reflected in whether the shoulder straps of the kayak deck bags are comfortable enough to not bind the muscles on the shoulders; it is also reflected in whether there is a dry and wet separation design inside the bag itself, and whether there are hooks on the outside. , pockets, etc. are used to store some small items that do not need waterproofing; it is also reflected in whether it is convenient to store when in use, and to store aside when not in use. 
The main points listed above which need to be considered when choosing the kayak deck bags are enough for you to get a practical choice. 
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The kayak deck bags brand introduction

1.Kayak Deck Bag with Flat Back Design
Prices for kayak deck bags vary widely. The high priced brands mainly include Overboard, Attwood, and Seattle. The prices of these brands are mostly around 40-60 dollars, which is a slightly more expensive choice, but the reputation of these brands is also quite good. Most of the kayak deck bags of these brands are designed with a flat back. The shape of the bag is not too round and can be fixed on the deck well; the side buckles rea also used to fix the bag on the deck. The most common design is 6 side buckles, the more the side buckles are, the better the stability. There is also a zipper sealing method, but the feedback of the sealing method in the market is generally not very good, because most suppliers will not add high costs to the zipper, and consumers will not pay high price for the kayak deck bags too. The conservative choice is to use the top rolling closing way. Although the overall design looks not as clean and elegant as the zipper did, it has proven to work well. However, the disadvantage of this type of bag is that its capacity is limited by the flat design on the back, and the overall capacity is relatively small.
In addition to the brands listed above, there are also some more affordable options. The best sellers on Amazon are Lixada, Wisemen, Sycooven, Yarpper, and Seattle has some affordable products too, which are around $20-30. The design of the appearance of the kayak deck bags at the price level is relatively simple. Not too complicated, fancy, and eye-catching designs, most of which are based on the pursuit of practicality, and the design of the side buckles will also be more concise, generally only 4, and there are no additional outer pockets to store other things. They are suitable for kayakers who don't have much storage needs.
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2. Dry bags
I believe you will not stranger to another type of kayak deck bags, which is the dry bags. They are round barrel design, the capacity is larger than the kayak deck bag with a flat back design; and it has a larger application ranges, not only in kayaking, but also at the seaside, and can be used in any outdoor scenes such as hiking, kayaking, seaside, etc.
Due to the flexibility of the dry bags, more and more people are more willing to choose it, so there are more and more types of dry bags on the market. There are many types of dry bags, and the price range is quite wide too. The Ortlieb's average price is about 50 US dollars, of course, its price is absolutely worthy of his quality. It's the best workmanship you can find in a waterproof barrel on the market. There is a certain brand effect for definitely.
In addition to Ortlieb, there are also moderately priced brands, such as Apidura and Yeti. The manufacturers of these two brands are all from China. They are also very sincere in the details that require meticulous craftsmanship, which can ensure the kayak deck bags to be used safely. Their price and performance are acceptable for most consumers.
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The most cost-effective recommendation would be Arteesol. They have some experience in making dry bags and have been selling them on Amazon for many years and have very good sales. You can observe the reviews from others, and then decide to buy or not. Normally, a product can't meet everyone's expectations, but as long as the vast majority of people have a good review of it, it's enough to show that there is no problem with the product itself. Arteesol has a new dry bag with a cleverly designed transparent material on the back, so that users can easily find the products when they need from the large dry bag; at the same time, this transparent material is set on the back to protect personal privacy. Appearance and functional design in all aspects also have enough humanized considerations, which is a choice suitable for most people.
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How to choose kayak deck bags

In general, what types of kayak deck bags to choose, it needs to be combined with the number of go out and the kayaking plan. If the frenquency of trips is high and the travel time is relatively long, choose the one with the most durable materials and the best craftsmanship, which is the most cost-effective in the long run; if you travel in normal frequency, a cost-effective product would be the best. After all, dry bags are not the high-tech products. The craftsmanship of many manufacturers on the market is mature enough. It does not need too strong brand power to bring a good experience to the product itself. What other cost-effective dry bags brands do you have and leave your comments below!