2022 Complete Guide to Night Fishing

by LiuIrene on June 23, 2022


Reasons to choose night fishing
The benefits
Essential tools for night fishing
What to mind
Experience Sharing
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Reasons to choose night fishing

Fish become to be the most fat and big in summer, how can we miss fishing in summer?
The time has entered July. As the temperature rises, the activity of the small fish is also very active, and the snatch is crazy, which makes many fishing enthusiasts have a headache. All the bait prepared are fed to the small fish. Fishing with out big fish always make them frustrating. 
In fact, it is better to take night fishing than during the day in summer. Because the temperature at night is the most comfortable, with the cool wind blows, the little fish will be much less noisy than in the daytime, because the little fish has gone home to rest. Imagine under a starry night sky, waiting for the "big man" to appear, while looking up at the night sky, maybe you can find an unnamed planet, let’s name it ‘Fisherman’!
Speaking of night fishing, there is a Chinese proverb called "I would rather fish in the morning and evening for a quarter of a day than at noon for half a day", which roughly means that in the hot summer, as the temperature gets higher and higher, the active period of fish during the day is very short, most of the time in the middle, due to the direct sunlight, the water temperature in the shallow water area will rise, and the fish will temporarily stop and hide in the deep water area, so in the summer instead of choosing to catch a few during the day, it is better to grab the fish active time before 9 am and after 5:30 pm, during the period the big fish will be close to the shore, the vigilance is lower, and it is the best harvest time. From this we can find that people in the far east are also aware of this problem.

The benefits

The original reason for night fishing is to get more big fish. Of course, night fishing is not just for this benefit. Many people like night fishing because they don’t want to bear the hot sun during the day and can fish with the cool breeze at night; Some people like to fish at night as they go to work during the day and have more time at night. Usually, most of the fishermen take a fishing rod after work at night to get away from the busy day and relax.
The following will summarize the necessary tools for night fishing. Well-prepared tools are the foundation. Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman, you can check this list.

Essential tools for night fishing

1. Headlamp
The most important thing you should do is make sure you have quality headlights, having at least one light source is crucial in night fishing so you can fish with both hands free.
2. Suitable bait
A key factor to consider when night fishing any species is the bait. Whether in clear or turbid water, it's best to choose working baits that produce a lot of movement and noise, as they can create some noise and splash on the surface.
3. Insect repellent spray
Fishing at night will not have the trouble of sunburn, but there will be the trouble of mosquitoes. Insecticide is a must, especially when fishing in swamps or fresh water.
4. First aid kit
The environment around night fishing is dark, and it is easy to be cut by hooks, lines and other fishing gear in the dark or in environments with poor lighting conditions. So a first aid kit is a must for night fishing.
5. Life jacket or high visibility jacket
For night fishing, choose a jacket or life jacket with eye-catching reflective features to let people around you know you're there.
6. Professional fishing lights
Illuminate the tip of the rod to locate what the rod is doing.
7. Extra thick clothing
At night in summer, especially near the water, the temperature can drop to a very low level, and there is a significant temperature difference with the daytime. In order to prevent colds, it is recommended to bring an extra layer of thick clothes just in case; at the same time, you can bring a hot water bottle to brew some coffee for yourself , to increase the warmth.
8. Dry bags backpack for night fishing
For those who have been fishing near the water for often, you can prepare a dry bag to store clothes and food, as well as other valuables. The air near the water is humid, the ground will also be wet due to fishing and other activities, and it often rains in summer. In order to prevent personal belongings from getting wet, the dry bag is a good choice. And because the main surface of the dry bag is PVC, it is easier to clean than ordinary cloth bags, so you don’t have to worry about the bag being soiled every time you fishing, then you can play freely.

There are some matters that I want to emphasize again to fishing enthusiasts. They are very important and should be looked at carefully.

What to mind

1. Safety first
1) To make sure you tell others where you are going. Bring a friend or fishing buddy if you can. When you have other people fishing with you, it's safer, more fun, more convenient, and the photos are so much better than any selfie.

2) Do not sit on grassy areas, steep slopes, or under high voltage lines.
3) Bring some water and some snacks - you never know when you'll catch a cold and run out of energy, or be stuck for longer than expected.

4) A fully charged phone or radio, first aid kit and spare lights are all must-haves on your night fishing gear list.
2. Prepare in advance
Take the time to install the rod and organize your tackle before fishing, re-tie any loose knots so you have time to fix any problems you might find, like having to rewind the spool or tie a new bow tie, also to avoid assembly is inconvenient in the dark .

The following are some of my personal experience, I hope to help you.

Experience Sharing for Night Fishing

1. Arrive in advance
Get to the fishing site early before sunset, familiarize yourself with the site in advance, and allow enough time for site selection so you don't have to navigate too much in the dark.
2. Practice in clear water
Take care to match the size of the worm hook and the size of the worm, slowly lift the worm by raising the tip of the pole to about the 11 or 12 o'clock direction, then lower the pole, try using a slow moving bait so the worm will fall and go back to the bottom to make it easier to catch fish that burrow into cover at night.
3.Choose the right time for night fishing
Generally speaking, the most efficient time for night fishing is between 8:00pm and 3:00am, preferably a calm night with no strong winds so the fish will swim in shallow waters at night.
4. Choose a fishing spot
For night fishing, try to choose a flat open area. The shore should be flat, there should be no weeds, and the surrounding area should be clear at a glance. Because daytime is different from nighttime, mosquitoes, snakes and ants are often infested in the wild. Choosing an open and flat place can largely avoid this problem and avoid slipping fish.
All of the above are available, and then consider which location is easy to fish. If you have enough time, you can go in advance, and you can also inquire about the fish situation from people who fish during the day. If there is a good fish in the daytime, and the above requirements are met, you can decisively choose to pick up other people's fishing spots, and do not open up new fishing spots.
In fact, the essence of choosing a fishing location is to look for the difference, changes in the bottom of the water, ravines, rocky areas on the bottom of the water, deep and shallow junctions, obstacles in the water, small platforms on the long slopes of the bottom of the water, as long as the hooks will not be caught. 
Belong to one of the above, you can take it as spot But in case of you can't find the change in the bottom, look for the difference on the shore, the protruding slippery tip on the shore, the drooping fruit trees, the backwater bay in the flowing water. For night fishing, it is recommended to arrive at the fishing spot 1 to 2 hours before dark, and choose a nest before dark. In order to avoid no harvest, 2 to 3 fishing spots can be placed.
The above is the summary of night fishing. If you have other ideas, please leave us a message!