2022 Critical Reasons Why You Have to Have A Clear Dry Bag

by LiuIrene on May 27, 2022
Despite the continuation of the covid-19, people's love for outdoor life has not decreased but increased. In the past two years, the sales volume of clear dry bag in Europe and the United States have steadily increased. From individual use to collective purchase of different colors and sizes by families, the use of clear dry bag in daily life has become more and more extensive and has also gained popularity. It's 2022 and if you don't have a clear dry bag yet, this article will give you the reason why you must have one!

1. Visible clear dry bagkeeps things dry and anti-dust

Previous experience tells us that driving home in wet clothes is very unpleasant. To make sure I'm in a good mood throughout the trip, I put my dry clothes and socks in the clear dry bag to make sure I have clean clothes to change after every water sports.
I also have clear dry bag for anything critical to staying dry and safe, including my camera and drone. I don't want to risk damaging them. Because if they get wet, I might have to pay more to repair or replace them, and even though some of them are advertised as being pro-grade waterproof, I wish they had an extra layer of protection.
clear dry bag
Some clear dry bag are equipped with a mobile phone waterproof bag, so you can take your mobile phone with you anytime to take pictures of beautiful scenery along the way without fear that the mobile phone will fall into the water or get wet in bad rainy weather; and it can also protect my mobile phone outdoors when the dust is flying and to be covered with a thick layer of dust.
Some clear dry bag are designed to be more user-friendly: they add a separate pocket on the inside so you can put your important documents inside if it's a long trip outdoors as an extra layer of waterproof protection.

2. Convenient classification and storage

Clear dry bag in a variety of colors and sizes can be used to differentiate travel items to keep items separate. It is especially recommended to use different colors, and then put them into a unified clear dry bag to facilitate the classification of various complicated items required for long-distance travel, and it is easier for colleagues to quickly find the items are placed.
clear dry bag
If you bring some insect repellents when you are outdoors, in order to separate it from other personal items, and also to meet the needs of waterproofing, to avoid contact with water and destroy the medicinal properties of the product, it is recommended to use a clear dry bag with small size.

3. Separate dirty or wet clothes from the air

I believe you have experienced this situation outdoors: even if the clothes are not wet with water, the hot sun and intense travel will still make you sweat profusely, and the clothes are often wet. It happens that you have spare clothes in the bag, then you change and put sweaty clothes into the clear dry bag happily, after a long trip, when you come home and open it again, you will smell a stink, and the smell is even lingering, and it also affects other items as well. It was a headache, but you had to spend time cleaning up these items.
clear dry bag
In fact, the clear dry bag itself is very easy to clean. You only need to rinse it with water to remove 99% of ordinary stains, and it is easy to air dry too. Therefore, we recommend that you keep a small clear dry bag in your bag, which is specially used to store sweaty clothes, and can save you the trouble of packing a lot of items when you get home. The unpacked clear dry bag can be folded, which takes up little space and is very convenient for storage.

4. Create extra storage space

What are your must-haves outdoors? Many people like to bring small speakers to enjoy the feeling of listening to music while hiking; some people like to bring some small items in their bags that reflect their special hobbies. In order to access these items at any time easily , a clear dry bag with a D-shaped buckle on the outside must be the best choice. It can firmly hang your items on the clear dry bag without worrying about losing them.
clear dry bag
Some clear dry bag have external compartments to store smaller items. It can be used to store things like your keys, sunscreen and lip balm, which is very handy.
Most clear dry bag on the market have roll-top closures. This type of clear dry bag is easy to attach to a day bag or backpack. Tie larger clear dry bag with other backpacks or travel bags. This creates more storage space.

5. Use as a bucket

When traveling and staying in a hotel, many people will reject the hotel's ice bucket, because they are worried that they have not been adequately cleaned and disinfected. Some hotels offer plastic bags, but these are small and their single-use functionality doesn't make them an eco-friendly option. But if you want to have some ice cold drinks, you can ask the hotel for some ice cubes and put it with the drinks in the clear dry bag together. After the waterproof bucket is filled with water, it has good self-support, so you don't have to worry about it falling.

6. Use clear dry bagas a makeshift pillow or cushion

If you are tired during the trip and you may want to find a place to rest. It is difficult to sleep well without a pillow. What should you do? Don't worry! The clear dry bag coming  again! Roll the roll top of the waterproof bucket three or four times, then clip the buckle to seal in the air. You can create a pillow that can be used for hours. It's only a few hours, but definitely enough. If you don't want to rest your head on an airport or train station seat of questionable cleanliness, this is another great option for you.
clear dry bag
Alternatively, a clear dry bag, either empty or filled, can also be used as a kneeling pad or cushion in wet conditions.

7. Clear dry bag are reusable

clear dry bag have advantages in terms of durability and sustainability. They are hard to tear and are more durable than plastic bags that need to be discarded regularly. These disposable plastic options are bad for the environment.
Plastic bags are unreliable when it comes to keeping items dry. Compactor trash bag liners are more likely to tear and punctured than clear dry bag. The seal on a zippered plastic bag may have gaps in the corners or anywhere along the seal where there are manufacturing defects or dust or grit preventing a tight seal. Heat-sealed seams on the other three sides can fail quickly without applying too much pressure.
The Arteesol clear dry bag is made of durable PVC, which is the strong fabric that widely used outdoors with anti-break feature so that more adapatable to various bad environment.
clear dry bag
This is also the reason why many travel enthusiasts advocate the use of clear dry bag.

8. Clear dry bag is easy to clean

To inhibit the development of mold, it is recommended to wash the inside and outside of the clear dry bag with cold water from a hose or faucet after each use, and then air dry the clear dry bag.
The method of rinsing with water is also suitable for environments that have experienced a lot of fine particles such as dust and sand. Dust can get into the fabric of the bag and wear off the waterproof coating like sandpaper. Because even if the surface is not dirty, the dust adhering to the surface of the clear dry bag will wear and scratch the surface.
If you accidentally get hard-to-remove grime, use a mild dish soap and gently scrub any spots or stains with a sponge.When washing, be sure to turn each bag inside out, making sure the corners and interior seams are visible. Air dry the inside first, then reverse to dry the outside.
clear dry bag

9. The rolling design of the clear dry bag is more convenient to use

If you look around in the market, you will find that most clear dry bag have a roll-top design. The roll-top design won't stick, get stuck, or blow up like a zipper, and it doesn't need to be lubricated in cold weather, and people who like winter camping or hikers no need to take off their gloves before opening the zipper (without taking it of,  they will fumble for a while in the zipper opening). Most of the waterproof and diving zipper clear dry bag you see on the market are not really waterproof, true waterproof zippers do not leak, but because the cost of true waterproof zippers is very high, in order to save costs, manufacturers use so-called "Waterproof zipper", is just temporarily waterproof, if exposed to the rain long enough, it will leak, so it's not that practical. And it's much easier to do it with a roll-top than fumbling for a zip with thick winter gloves.

10. Can change various ways of back

The clear dry bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and can be used as a shoulder bag, backpack, handbag. Applicable to different scenes, easy to change the style, simple and stylish.
clear dry bag

11. Applicable to different scenarios

The clear dry bag has a wide range of applications and can be brought to camping, boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, travel, self-driving, diving, surfing, rainy travel, swimming, gym, etc., any outdoor  sports and activities, it can be used even in casual scenes, it is definitely a high usage rate and a good cost-effective choice.
Hurry up and choose a clear dry bag you like!