7 Features Of The Best Waterproof Dry Bags For Snorkeling (2022)

by LeeLeah on March 27, 2022


If you plan to go snorkeling on a nice day, you will want to quickly pack your snorkeling equipment, which needs a waterproof dry bag. This article will show you 7 practical aspects on how to quickly pick out the best waterproof dry bag for snorkeling for you.


Let's get right to it.
1. Waterproof and sealing
2. Sturdy and durable
3. Easy to carry
4. Easy to use
5. Appropriate size
6. Aesthetics
7. Comes with a waterproof phone case


1. Waterproof and sealing

When snorkeling, we sometimes put our items on the beach, sometimes on the deck, the sand on the beach and splashing water can get our items dirty and wet, affecting us to use them properly. The most important role of a waterproof dry bag is to protect our belongings from water and sand, so as to prevent the fun of snorkeling from being accidentally disturbed.

Relaxing snorkeling

It is recommended to buy a waterproof dry bag with a separate wet bag, which can effectively separate the wet and dry items, giving double waterproof protection for valuables inside and outside.
The waterproof sealing of a waterproof dry bag is mainly determined by three factors - material, processing technology and sealing design.
Most dry bags with good waterproof performance are made of PVC mesh material, i.e. a material made of transparent PVC adhesive film and mesh fabric laminated together, which is waterproof and flame retardant, corrosion resistant, tear resistant, UV resistant and anti-oxidation, widely used in outdoor products.
Waterproof dry bag featuring high frequency welding process to bond the materials together has better waterproof sealing performance. It applies high frequency voltage to the object to be welded and generates heat. The material is softened and then bonded under high pressure, making the weld seam compact and as sturdy as the surrounding material.

 roll top

After testing, the roll top is the best sealing design of waterproof dry bag closure, dry bag opening will be tightly wrapped inside, which effectively blocks the dry bag inside and outside to provide waterproof, sand-proof and dust-proof functions. The more folds, the better the waterproof performance.

 zipper pocket

Note: Many waterproof dry bags have plastic slider sealed pockets or zipper sealed pockets, such pockets are not waterproof, only splash-proof, can not be submerged underwater, and do not put your valuables in these pockets.


2. Sturdy and durable

A waterproof dry bag for snorkeling can also be used as a backpack for the entire trip, and it should be sturdy enough to support your needs from a happy departure to a safe return. The sturdiness and durability of a waterproof dry bag is reflected in the tear strength of the PVC mesh material and other details.

snorkeling items

The higher the strength value of PVC mesh material, the stronger the waterproof dry bag is, and the heavier it is. Generally, the strength value between 500D and 600D is appropriate.
The buckles and zippers used in a good waterproof dry bag are sturdy. The connection between the strap and the main body of a dry bag is made of neat and firm sewing, not easy to break. As the bottom of the waterproof dry bag is subjected to more force, and it contacts and frictionates with other surfaces more frequently, some waterproof dry bags will be thickened at the bottom to extend its service life.


3. Easy to carry

Different waterproof dry bags have different straps and handle designs. If you prefer a backpack, opt for a waterproof dry bag with two straps. Waterproof dry bags with only one strap can only be used as cross body bags. The roll top of the waterproof dry bag with roll closure can be used for hand carrying, and a hand strap are also added on the side of some waterproof dry bags.

how to carry dry bags

4. Easy to use

We are there to snorkel and no one wants to waste time organizing dry bags and finding stuff.
The dry bag with the roll-top design is very convenient. It can be stored in just 3 steps and allow you to set off immediately.
It is best to choose a waterproof dry bag with transparent PVC material, you can see where the items you want are located, making it easy to take them out. You don't have to pour out all items every time you get something, or rummage through the bag to get what you want.


5. Appropriate size

The choice of a waterproof dry bag size needs to be considered in conjunction with the time of the trip, how many people's items need to be in a bag, and what items each person needs to bring. If you only go snorkeling, you need to bring diving suit, mask, snorkel, fins or diving boots, swimming cap, towel, sunscreen, etc. It is recommended to choose a waterproof dry bag of at least 20L.


6. Aesthetics

Taking a good looking waterproof dry bag on a trip is not only pleasant, it also looks great for photos. If you want to quickly find out where your stuff is, you may want to choose a waterproof dry bag with bright colors, I believe it can stand out and let you find it at a glance.

7. Comes with a waterproof phone case

Due to the shallow depth of snorkeling, people can snorkel with mobile phones, which requires the use of waterproof mobile phone cases.
Many waterproof dry bags now come with a waterproof phone case, so no additional purchase is needed. However, before taking your phone into the water, be sure to test the waterproof phone case to make sure it is 100% waterproof to avoid unnecessary losses. To test, put toilet paper or paper towel in, soak it in water for a while, and take it out to see if they are still dry.



Above are all the properties that the best waterproof dry bag for snorkeling should feature.
Does it contain details you didn't think of before? Or do you have something to add?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.