7 Reasons Why Parents Need Swim Cap For Kids(2022)

by LeeLeah on April 28, 2022
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As adults, everyone has their own reasons for liking and disliking swimming caps.
But when it comes to whether kids need to swim with a swim cap, we can't impose our own preferences on them, but consider the impact of swim cap for kids on their health and safety.

Do my kids need to swim with a swim cap?

The answer is definitely YES!
There're 7 benefits of swimming in a swim cap for kids:
        1. Keep Water Out Of Ears
        2. Keep Kids Safe In The Water
        3. Reduce The Resistance Of Water
        4. Protect Kids' Hair
        5. Prevent Hair From Getting Pulled
        6. Cleaner Swimming Environment
        7. Keep Warm

swim cap for kids

1. Keep Water Out Of Ears
When kids do not fully master swimming skills or play in the water, water can easily splash into their ears. Kids' ears are very sensitive, and in mild cases, they may suffer from aural fullness and feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, it may cause inflammation of the ear canal and even lead to hearing loss.

kids ears

Swim cap for kids can completely wrap the ears, effectively blocking out the water, to protect the health of kids' ears.


2. Keep Kids Safe In The Water
Most swim cap for kids are brightly colored, allowing you and the lifeguard to identify your kids at a glance in the crowd. If kids are in danger, they can be rescued at the first time to keep them safe. 

pool lifeguard

Without swim caps to hold kids' hair, the hair can easily cover their eyes and block their sight, which will cause them to panic in the water, lose balance and lead to drowning.
A swim cap for kids can keep the hair away from the kids' eyes, providing a wide field of vision for the kids to avoid danger.


3. Reduce The Resistance Of Water
When a person is in the water, the more water adheres to the surface of the body, the greater the friction generated by the friction with the water molecules in the adjacent water layer.
Wearing a swim cap for kids is the same as wearing a swimsuit, both can effectively reduce frictional resistance, allowing kids to swim faster in the water and enhancing their self-confidence.


4. Protect Kids' Hair
The disinfectant and filtration solution in swimming pools can damage the hair scales, leading to hair dryness, breakage and easier loss, as well as discoloration and dullness.
Alkaline ingredients in seawater are no less harmful to hair than chemicals in swimming pools. Long-term contact with seawater can also cause scalp irritation, making hair less elastic, lose luster and fade, etc. The reason for this is that the alkaline ingredients of seawater disrupt the pH level of the hair, making the hair faded and easy to tangle.


Tiny sands are also one of the hidden killers of hair. Most sands are in irregular and angular shapes, when the hair is wet or semi-dry, the hair scales will full open, it is easy to get hurt by sand friction.
A swim cap for kids can prevent kid's hair from excessive contact with pool water, seawater and sands, reduce hair damage, to provide protection to the hair.


5. Prevent Hair from Getting Pulled
Long hair floating in the water is at risk of being pulled by others, and goggle straps may also catch or pull hair. Wearing a swim cap for kids can also avoid the pain of hair being pulled.

swim goggles

6. Cleaner Swimming Environment
Wearing a swim cap for kids will prevent hair from falling into the pool. On the one hand, it prevents hair from blocking the pool’s filters, makes the pool's circulating filtration system work more smoothly, keeps the pool water clean and hygienic, and provides a good swimming environment for kids. On the other hand, swimming with others' hair is really disgusting.

clean pool

7. Keep Warm
In winter, a swim cap for kids can indeed play a good role in keeping warm. It also prevents colds caused by wind on the kid's head.


How to put a swim cap on your kid?

Step 1
Wet your kid's hair a little, or apply some conditioner to lubricate it, making it easier to put on a swim cap and avoid hurting your kids. If your kid has long hair, the hair should be tucked loosely back.
Step 2
Find the center line of the swim cap, and spread your fingers of both hands in a semicircle into the swim cap and stretch it. Be careful not to straighten your fingers, otherwise the swim cap will be easily scratched.
Step 3
Gently place the swim cap over your kids' head starting from their eyebrows and wrap the entire head.
Step 4
Finally, tuck the scattered hair into the swim cap, adjust the position of the cap on the forehead, and gently pull the brim to cover both ears.


Bonus: Working with your kids to put swim caps on their heads is also a simple method that adds to the interactivity and fun of wearing a swim cap.
Have kids hook the front edge of the swim cap with hooks made of fingers and attach the fingers to their forehead. Then you grab the back edge of the swim cap, pull it from front to back, and put it on your kid's head.


ARTEESOL swim cap for kids is made of eco-friendly and odorless skin-friendly silicone with good elasticity for easy stretching and comfy wearing. Its stylish bright look will make your kids stand out in the pool. Suitable for kids aged 5-12. The good streamlined design also helps to speed up swimming, reduce water resistance and make your kids swim with more confidence!


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