The most complete kayak essentials listing 2022

by Irene Liu on April 01, 2022
As the weather in the northern hemisphere heats up, the kayaking sport almost seems to have exploded overnight, and everyone is planning their kayak trip as early as possible.
The following article gives a comprehensive listing of the kayak essentials, mainly about safety kayak essentials and personal care kayak essentials with relative items in details. No matter where you are kayaking, there are some general kayak essentials that must be listed. Next time before you go, please follow the list in the article and check them one by one, so as to avoid the situation that you can't find the necessary items when you need them in the kayaking process, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the journey.
Safety kayak essentials gear
The first is safety gear. Safety is the priority in every sport, whether it's an experienced kayak or a kayak beginner So please make sure you have the following safety equipment on your backpack and your kayak. Please don't underestimate these kayak essentials. When an emergency occurs, any of the following can play an important role, to guarantee you survive from the emergency.
The first item is the buoyancy device. Believe that the first item that pops out of your mind is a life jacket. Yes, life jackets are kayak essentials. But how to choose a suitable life jacket? First of all, please make sure that the ties on the waist, side and shoulders of the life jacket can be easily adjusted to ensure easy wearing; secondly, the buoyancy of the life jacket should be generally at 55-77N; try to choose a life jacket with pockets and anti-loosening zipper to store some small items; finally make sure your life jacket is the right size for you and won't be too tight when you put it on to affect your arm's paddling motion.
Kayak essentials 1
We generally recommend a spare kayak paddle for inexperienced kayak beginners. Because beginners generally use plastic paddles, if they are accidentally broken, they can be replaced in time.
If you're an experienced kayaker, make sure you always have one more kayak essentials by your side than anyone else: a rope bag. If you have a partner who accidentally gets into trouble, the rope bag can be of great help; if you are a beginner, please make sure that your coach has the rope bag with you before training; if not, please remember to give him kind remind.
Kayak essentials 2
A safety whistle is a must-have item for kayaking whether you are an experienced kayak player or not. On the one hand, you can use it to send a signal to the surrounding in an emergency, so that others can quickly locate your position; on the other hand, you can also use it to remind people around you if they think it is inappropriate dangerous actions.
Except the sea kayaking, whether it is a beginner or an experienced kayak player, whether it is passionate rafting in the stream or leisurely paddling on the river, remember to wear a helmet. As one of the kayak essentials, the helmet can protect the head at any time and prevent the head from being injured by the kayak, paddle or the stone in case of an accident, so that you can play more enjoyable.
Kayak essentials 3
If you're planning a long kayak program or are planning to go kayaking in unfamiliar waters, make sure you bring a compass. Drifting on the water for a long time can easily make the brain lose its judgment on the direction. At this time, you will need a compass to help you find your direction and adjust your direction in time.
The above are all about life-safe kayak essentials that are important and need your primary attention. What follows are some tips on personal care. They're there to make the kayak experience better, it's okay if you accidentally forget parts, of course it's perfect if you can take the all.
Personal care kayak essentials
First make sure you have a reliable dry bag to hold these items. Make sure it's waterproof, durable, scratch-resistant, and has clear layers to help you sort things dry and wet, and to find things quickly. For safety reasons, we still recommend that you choose a dry bag with a bright color, so that other people can locate you faster in an emergency situation. How to choose suitable and reliable dry bags? Click here.
kayak essentials
Have clean, comfortable and dry clothing and shoes ready for easy replacement.
Prepare plenty of drinking water for yourself. Especially in hot summer, water is kayak essentials for the body. You can choose a dry bag with an elastic outer pocket, which is convenient for putting the water bottle in the outer pocket and freeing your hands.
Remember to bring waterproof suntan lotion, cap and sunglasses for sun protection. When we go kayaking, we often stay on the water for more than a few hours. The refraction of the water surface in summer can cause great damage to the skin, so please remember to reapply sunscreen at any time to keep your skin healthy. At the same time, sunglasses can be a good blocking of refracted light to hurt the eyes.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced kayaker, we recommend that you wear paddling gloves While preventing palms from rubbing, the padding gloves could increase the friction that make the paddle more stable to hold and operate, and protect the hands from the sun.
Kayak essentials 5
Some dry bags will be equipped with a mobile phone waterproof bag. Before buying, confirm with the seller whether there is a free mobile phone waterproof bag, make sure it is suitable for your mobile phone size to save cost.
A first aid kit is an important kayak essentials. In addition to some daily necessary medicines such as headaches pills, you can also prepare antihypertensive medicines according to your own physical conditions.
The above list kayaking essentials that work for most people. However, I believe that everyone has their own different tips when they go kayaking, which can make the experience of kayaking better. It’s no exaggeration to say that for some people, cold beer is their kayak essentials. Do you have any unique kayak essential tips? Share it with us!