We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts, we started out enjoying hiking, climbing, camping and then we started to try water sports.

When we were kayak beginners, we went rafting together, each with a waterproof bag at our feet containing our spare clothes, food, first aid supplies and electronics. We capsized one after another in the fast-flowing river. As there's no life jackets outside our backpacks, they all sank. It took us a lot of effort to get them up from the bottom of the river.

By the time we fished them out, we found that the bags were not 100% waterproof. We had to give up the rafting trip and go to the riverbank to get everything out of bags to dry them with sparse sun and breeze. As we waited, we were cold and hungry and felt like we were wretched vagabonds. Fortunately, we had each other to get through that tormenting moment together.

We couldn't help but feel scared, what if this happened when there was only one person? How desperate it would be that all your belongings were damaged by the water, your mobile phone, supplies, spares etc. not working! It would be really scary if you were injured, or if the situation was more dangerous, it could be life threatening!

Adventure is a way to escape from our humdrum lives. Besides the pursuit of speed and pushing the limits, it is more important to enjoy the process of adventure. A successful adventure is one that starts happily and comes back safely.

Our brand was born when we realized how important it was for outdoor enthusiasts to have a dry bag that is 100% waterproof to keep everyone's belongings safe and can float on the water so you can find it anytime, anywhere.

Made of 500D PVC material and sturdy welded seams, our roll top dry bag has good sealing, it's 100% waterproof and able to float on water. It can be carried by hand, crossbody or on the back for paddle boarding, surfing, diving, kayaking, rafting, climbing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Dry bag is just the start of our journey. The joy of sport is not limited to the outdoors or the water, adults or children, professionals or beginners, ARTEESOL will become the best partner for every sports enthusiast. Inspired by ARTEESOL fans and content creators, we will continue to expand our product line to meet the needs of more sports enthusiasts.

Let's liven up the summer!

Most reliable companion in water
Versatility. Durability. Fine Sealability. Large Capacity. Waterproof Material.