What Makes ARTEESOL Dry Bags Waterproof

Summer is coming, are you ready for your water adventure?
The dry bag is an essential. There are so many choices of it , all of which look similar, but the price is of much difference.
So how to choose a cost-effective dry bag? We prepared a complete how-to-choose list to help you get the ideal dry bag!


Waterproof Fabric

Nylon is an excellent waterproof fabrics. Arteesol's dry bags adopt nylon as the main material. The biggest feature of it is light weight. For most outdoor enthusiasts, nylon dry bags are light, convenient and easy to carry.

Strong Fabric Welding

The high-frequency welding (HFW) process uses high-frequency voltage to melt the molecules in the material and reunite them together. The compact of the weld is same with other surrounding materials. Arteesol's dry bags adopt HFW to achieve high level waterproofing with the dry bag inside is fully enclosed. The cost of such process is also higher than other common welding processes.

Additional Designs

Zipper Cap

Considering that there will be splash water when the dry bag is placed on the deck, and there will also be dust in some special outdoor environments, we add an extra layer of zipper cap to prevent splash water and dust from entering the bag through the zipper. But note that it can only splash proof, not completely waterproof.

Inside Pocket

In order to provide more protection for small valuables, we specially added a separate pocket inside with zipper. It can not only separate the items from other wet clothes in the bag, but also make it easier for you to find them.

Clear Back

To make it easier for you to find items quickly, ARTEESOL make transparent fabric design on the back. This part is made of high-quality waterproof PVC fabric, meanwhile the seam uses a strict HFW process to achieve convenience and ensure excellent waterproofand aesthetics.

Rolling Top

Roll sealing is the most widely used sealing method, and it is also the strongest and most effective. A high-quality clasp seals the top firmly, protecting the contents of the ARTEESOL bag from water spray from all directions, dust-proofing and as well as preventing items loose from falling apart. It is recommended to roll at least 3 folds to ensure the best waterproof, and it can also change the height of the waterproof bag by rolling it further.

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